Current Research

 “Enhancement of Creativity Using Virtual Reality”
Strategic manipulation of environment, experience, emotions, and remote group contact to expand useful idea generation.

“Individual Differences in Cognitive Biases: Psychometric Test Development”
Developing a series of psychometric instruments for a range of cognitive biases crucially important for decision making, but for which not many valid and useful measures of individual and cultural differences currently exist.

“Rationality, Inter-group Conflict, and Religious Belief”
A cross-disciplinary exploration of the problems and possibilities for religious belief in an age of science and globalization.

“Do you Believe in Magic?”
Large scale study with the International Festival of Magic in France on creativity among world-class magicians and on reasons for interest in magic and magicians among the general French population. 

“Leading Beyond the Tribe: A Psychometric Study of Leadership and the Paradigm Shift towards Global Perspectives.”
An ongoing study of hundreds of young, leaders selected to participant in the Preparing Global Leaders Foundations programs around the world since 2013.

“The Visionary Personality: A New Theory of Culture-shaping Individual Differences.”
Ongoing research based upon tools developed and studies carried out on over a thousand participants in research for my doctor dissertation at Oxford.